Gentoo Configuration Files

Miscellaneous Config Files

x86 Config Files

  1. My hardware as detected by lspci.
  2. The dmesg.
  3. My /usr/src/linux/.config which has changed a lot because SATA is now handled in the SCSI section, and APIC and ACPI don't cause random lockups anymore. I used to have to pass noapic and acpi=off in grub.conf...(or just do without those features altogether)
  4. Here's my new /etc/fstab. Notice my SATA drive is /dev/sda now.

amd64 Config Files (In progress...)

Okay, so I completely lost my mind and built an amd64 box. It has dual Opteron-246's in a Tyan Thunder K8W motherboard, with a gig of ram per cpu. While I was at it, I also got an Nvidia-6800GT video card. The whole process took 3 months of eating Ramen noodles, but now that it's done I couldn't be happier. The cpu's never run any hotter than 46C, and the box is lightning fast.

Sparc32 Config Files

I was lucky enough to get a few Sparcstation 20 systems for $10 each, and I run gentoo on all of them.

Sparc64 Config Files

I decided that better performance was a must since you can't run many graphical programs on sparc32: they are useless for day to day use, but make great server/firewalls. So I started lurking at eBay and picked up a 2x300 MHz Ultra60 with 512 MB RAM.[UPDATE - I got a cg14 graphics card and the ss20's are now decent workstations using Fluxbox!]

Thinkpad T20 Config files.

I got a great deal on a Thinkpad T20 from psych-major on Everything works fine, except the poweroff command. I still have to hit the power button manually after all processes finish.